Terms and Conditions


Please read the following conditions carefully. Villa Bukit is a private property which is booked out as a whole villa, so your booking secures the whole villa for the nights/days booked, without any other guests staying at the villa.

Villa Bukit Trust (VBT) Pty Ltd, are the property owners of Villa Bukit Lembongan. VBT do all the promoting and bookings of the villa. Each time a Guest confirms a booking of the Villa through our website or Agents and a deposit has been paid, the payment forms an agreement that those dates chosen are locked into and the villa is confirmed and booked for the guest booking. The rental agreement will be effective once VBT has confirmed and sent the guest receipt in writing, by either post or email. The guest will then have 5 days to pay the 50% deposit.


When the Guest makes a booking request, the guest must make the appropriate payment to VBT within 5 working days of the availability notice sent to the guest by VBT. Payments are accepted by either Visa /Mastercard or direct deposit to VBT Bank account in Sydney Australia.


International transfers please use swift code

Swift code: CTBAAU2S

Commonwealth Bank   Park St Mona Vale 2103

BSB: 062205         ACCOUNT: 10319788

Please write your name on bank deposit information section.


  • For rentals beginning more than 60 days after the date of the booking request a deposit of 50% of the total rental amount is payable.
  • For rentals beginning 60 days or less after the date of the booking request the total rental amount is payable as a deposit
  • If the required deposit payment is not received within the 5  working day period, VBT reserves the right to void the Guest’s booking request.
  • Where a 50% deposit applies to the booking, the guest must pay the remaining 50% balance not less than 60 days before the schedule arrival date.

All payments must be made in Australian Dollars, unless otherwise agreed with VBT


A reservation voucher will be sent to the guest/agents address by email and by mail. The voucher will have the confirmation details, the Villa Address, Guests details, transfers details. This voucher will be forward once full payment has been received. The guest will will need to show this voucher and their passport to the office at Villa Bukit Lembongan when they arrive.


Villa Bukit check in times, are at 2pm (unless prior notice has been given). If guest do arrive on the earlier transfer boat our Bemo (taxi) will transfer to either the beach or a restaurant until the Villa is ready.

Villa Bukit check out times, are at 10am in the morning, this will allow you to catch the 11am boat to Sanur on the mainland. If you do need to leave early the first boat does depart at 9am.


If prior notice is given and at a extra fee of half of  the daily booking charge, we can organise late check out at 4pm , this will allow for you to catch the 4.30pm transfer boat back to the mainland.


We are happy you have chosen Villa Bukit for your holidays, We would ask you when you check into our accommodation that you leave a current visa or mastercard details with the front office to help us with the following;

A security deposit will be required, either by cash deposit of A$100 or the equivalent in Indonesian Rupiah. Also by leaving your Visa or Mastercard details with the front office for all additional expenses, ranging from  menu ordered food ( except breakfast), drinks from menu, extra water other than 2 x bottles supplied, activities organised at the office through Villa Bukit staff. On check out the staff will total the amount spent and either deduct or charged extra, depending on total costs. If possible cash would be preferred as a 5% credit card fee applies on top of the final amount owing.


Villa Bukit has the right to charge the client credit card for any damages or losses caused during the rental period.  A extra cleaning charges will be added for stains from food/drink to any sheets/mattress/ cushions or pillows. Cleaning charges will also charged for any excess rubbish thrown into the pool or fish ponds and any excessive markings to any wall or floor surfaces.

Breakages will also be charged for any electrical equipment or furniture that has been broken by excessive force. The property is to be left as when they arrived any losses from taking bath robes/ toiletries/ bath towels/pool towels/ books/games/DVD movies/play station Games/ controllers / will be charged at the replacement cost to your Visa or Mastercard


Villa Bukit is set amongst a very quiet community. The local Villas are either full time residents or guest booking out private villas. We ask that all noise be keep to a minimum after 10pm. No loud music or usages of pyrotechinics  or dangerous goods are allowed at the villa.

We would also state that jumping off the bridges or balconies into the pool is not allowed and this will cancel the booking agreement and the booked guest will be asked to leave the villa at the full cost of the booking.

Smoking is not allowed within any rooms. You may smoke at the dining table, if all your guest say it is ok. We would also ask you to put all cigarette butts into the ash trays and/or rubbish bins provided. As most Villa roofing is made from weaved grass ( Alang-Alang) they are easily burnt from a thrown cigarette. If any neighbouring property or any roofing on Villa Bukit is damaged by a reckless guest the damages owing will be paid from that guest. We do advise that smoking is done outside of the property walls.


From time to time, maintenance personal might have to adjust or replace a item during your stay, we are sorry for any inconvenience that this may occur. We will try our hardest to do any maintenance when you are not present during your stay with us.


The booking of the Villa by guest or by rooms must not exceed the total amount of guest booked at the time of booking. Any extra rooms or guest will need to be adjusted by cost of rooms or guest prior to arrival. An additional fee will apply. Infants can be included with parents in same bedding, if under the age of 3 years old. We do though stipulate that Villa is designed and recommend for children over the age of 8 years. All infants and younger children will need to be supervised closely by the parents or guardians due to the proximity of the unfenced pool.


VBT will take no responsibility for accidents occurring outside Villa Bukit. All activities organised through the Villa Bukit office or staff, are all done at guest’s risk. Activities organised outside of the villa with other operators are at the guests own risk.

VBT will take no responsibility for any injury caused by pool water being taken in to the interior rooms by guests and causing someone to slip. VBT will not take any responsibility for any hot water spillage from kettle supplied.

VBT will take no responsibility from accidents occurred from either falling from bridges/ balconies or exterior walls.

VBT does not take any responsibility for any physical injury/ sickness / death/ loss or  damages , inconvenience or additional expenses incurred by the guest , their party or visitors, regardless of the cause.


If payments are not made on or before the due dates as required herein, the Owners VBT may cancel the booking, in which case agreement will be terminated without any further notice required. Cancellation fees are as following.

50% of the total rental will be forfeited if the cancellation is made more than 60 days before the start of the rental period

75% of the total rental amount will be forfeited if the cancellation is made between 30 and 60 days before the start of the rental period.

100% of the total rental amount will be forfeited if the cancellation is made between 1 and 29 days before the start of the rental period.

Any amount owing back to the guest from cancellation cost will be deducted from the deposit amount and sent  back to the guest within a 7 day from cancellation date.


VBT will try our best to alter and change a booking. A new booking fee of $50 AUD per change will be charged for any amendment after the confirmed booking has been booked.


Every attempt will be made for guests to have an enjoyable holiday stay. If you should have a problem during your stay, please inform our office straight away. If the problem is not resolved by the office, please contact VBT by either email or by phone and we will endeavour to fix your problem straight away.

Thank you for your time to read all of the terms and conditions, by clicking the terms and condition button on the booking form, confirms that you agree to all our terms and conditions. We would ask all agents to explain the terms and conditions to all of their clients and to print out the terms and conditions and give a copy to their guest/s.